An ancient practice that has been used for centuries in different variations all over the world, Natural Facial Rejuvenation can offer many benefits in both the long and short term.

While some may notice a difference in their appearance after their very first visit, others may require additional treatments before benefit being able to observe the effects – but the best results are achieved from regular, ongoing sessions.

Some of the benefits you can expect to experience from your appointment at Beeja include:

A reduction in fine lines

Using a combination of ancient techniques, Natural Facial Rejuvenation works to tone and firm the facial muscles and tighten facial contours. In turn, this releases the built-up tension in surrounding muscles and frees connective tissue, allowing it glide more smoothly. This results in a fresh, firm appearance, with a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

An improved skin tone

Another wonderful effect of Natural Facial Rejuvenation you can look forward to is an increased level of elasticity in the skin that helps to drastically improve skin tone. The specialised treatment promotes blood flow within the area which can also help to soften the skin and refine the pores.

A revitalised appearance

By helping to eliminate toxins and promoting better circulation, Natural Facial Rejuvenation can enhance the supply of vital nutrients to the cells. This in turn helps to reduce under eye bags and puffiness and balance the body’s subtle energy.

A beautiful glow

In addition to these other miraculous benefits, Natural Facial Rejuvenation also has the power to instill a beautiful glow that lasts for days and days. By encouraging innate beauty, confidence and radiance, treatment creates a relaxed, more mobile and youthful appearance and can even relieve stress-related symptoms such as headaches, eyestrain and insomnia.

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