Natural Facial Rejuvenation Experience

As part of your holistic treatment journey with Beeja, we will gently guide you through the following 8 stages.


Stage 1: Balance

At the beginning of your session, we will focus on helping you to relax, release tension and balance your body’s energy.


Stage 2: Stimulate

Following on from this, we will begin stimulating Ayurvedic pressure points to generate a fresh supply on innate healing energy and begin to invigorate blood circulation in the facial tissue in preparation for the following stages.


Stage 3: Release

Next, we will focus our attention on freeing the tension within the facial muscles and will work to promote greater facial mobility. This helps to encourage you to let go of patterns facial expression.


Stage 4: Smooth

During this stage, we work to smooth out tensions and further release any tightness that may have built up within the facial muscles and connective tissue.


Stage 5: Stabilise

Up next, we will work to a deeper level of relaxing the facial muscles and concentrate on lengthening and stablising. This aims in releasing individual crease lines and serves to delay their return.


Stage 6: Heal

Our next stage will focus on a deeper release still, as well as a healing pulse which provides the ‘lifting’ effect. By stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, we support the elimination of toxins and encourage a better supply of nutrients to the skin.


Stage 7: Educate

As the final stage of rejuvenation, we will concentrate on lymphatic draining and scalp massage while ‘educating’ your facilia muscle to remain lifted and tones. In addition, this helps to clarify your complexion, relax the neck muscles and rebalance your innate energy.


Stage 8: Ground

As your treatment session concludes we will focus on grounding to help provide alertness and leave your appointment feeling revitalized, rejuvenated and radiant.

One hour of naturally rejuvenating session: $75

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