The Therapist

Beeja founded by Yurita Pande, was born out of a desire to share the miraculous benefits of ancient beauty remedies with the people of Perth.

A passionate advocate for alternative remedies and holistic healing, Yurita is a deeply spiritual soul and has practiced meditation for more than 25 years.

Born in Bali, Yurita attributes her love for all things natural to her Balinese heritage, where alternative therapies and natural remedies are deeply rooted in the culture.

Having followed her passion all the way to Tokyo to study the Japanese practice of Reiki and is now a certified practitioner.

Further to this, Yurita is also a certified Ayurvedic Facial Rejuvenation practitioner and is highly knowledgeable around an extensive range of natural healing remedies.

As lead practitioner at Beeja, Yurita’s intention is to introduce others to the many natural beauty enhancement options support each and every Beeja client to highlight of their own natural beauty and feel radiant within their own skin.

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